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Sutter Meats

Location: 65 King Street, Northampton MA 01060

Description: Sutter Meats’ mission is to bring back the neighborhood butcher with an emphasis on whole animal butchery, education, and the creation of community. We use the term “nose-to-tail” as a reference to the unique way that we source and use our products that differentiates our business model from all of our local competition and all but a few businesses across the country.

Contact:,, 413.727.3409

Category: butchering,

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Modern Self-Reliance

Location: Burlington, MA

Description: We teach homesteading and preparedness skills through online tutorials.


Category: Food preservation, soap making, cheese making, survival,gardening

Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture

Location: 608 Dry Creek Rd. · Waco, TX 76705

Description: Our goal is to transmit a vision for a cohesive, integrated agrarian way of life, but one that aims toward bringing forth complete individuals and whole families in a supportive and tangible context, a context respectful of the natural environment. We are dedicated to recapturing and perpetuating a sense of intentional community which includes rediscovering and perpetuating the knowledge and skills that can provide for essential human needs (both socially and spiritually as well as materially) on a sustainable basis.

Contact: http://www.SustainLife.Org,, (254) 754-9600

Category: Gardening, Beekeeping, Poultry, Dairy Cows, Dairy Goats, Horse, Organic, Gardening, Orchards, Bread/Pizza, Cheese making, Soap making, Basket making, Fiber arts, carpentry, Blacksmithing, Pottery, Quilting


Location: 411 Main Road Gill, MA 01354

Description: Our farm in the northern Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts specializes in fresh raw milk from our small herd of grass-fed Ayrshire cattle, farmstead cheeses, berries, grains, and vegetables. Our sustainable, environmentally-sound farming practice strives to provide our community with fresh, wholesome, locally-produced food.

Contact:,, 413-863-2297

Category: cheese making,

Three Shepard's Cheese

Location: 108 Roxbury Mountain Road Warren, VT 05674

Description: The Three Shepherds Farm cheesemaking courses focus on the principles of cheesemaking and how four basic ingredients are combined to make an amazing array of cheeses. The classes cover a plethora of topics including an in-depth study of milk itself (including a large focus on raw milk), a historical perspective of cheesemaking, the biology and biochemistry of making great cheese, the microbiology and magic of aging and ripening, cheese appreciation and wine/beer pairing, the politics of cheese, and much more. Larry and Linda bring a unique perspective to teaching that combines their academic background, personal exploration into food, and the importance of political food activism.

Contact:, 802-496-3998

Category: cheese making

New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.

Location: 16 Nash Hill Road, Williamsburg, MA 01096

Description: “Whey” back in 1978 we began our cheesemaking adventure and have been spreading the love of home cheesemaking far and wide ever since. Over the years we have brought together a wonderful community of home cheesemakers from across the world to join in our delicious adventure.

Contact:,, 413-397-2012

Category: cheese making

Ten Apple Farm - Living with Goats

Location: 241 Yarmouth Road Gray, Maine 04039

Description: We try to do several workshops in basic homesteading skills each season, to share what we have learned, or are in the process of learning. Workshops include Basic Home Cheesemaking, Baking, Poultry Slaughter & Processing, and Preserving & Canning. In some cases, we lead the workshops ourselves, in other cases we may invite fellow homesteaders or skilled members of the greater food, farming and homesteading community to be a guest workshop leader.

Contact:, , 207.657.7880

Category: homesteading, Cheese making,cooking, Poultry, butchering, food Preservation, farming , animal husbandry, permaculture

Prepper Camp

Location: 460 Orchard Lake Rd, Saluda, NC 28773

Description: An annual event where vendors and attendees alike can learn preparedness skills.


Category: Aquaponics, Beekeeping, Hunting, Survival, Cooking, Blacksmithing, Beer, Wine, Cheese making, Food Preservation, Camping, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Fiber Animals, Firearms, Off the grid, Trapping, Foraging, Plant ID

Earthwise Farm and Forest

Location: 341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Randolph, VT 05060

Description: Earthwise Farm and Forest is a certified organic, draft-animal powered family farm located in Bethel, Vermont, and operated by Carl Russell and Lisa McCrory. We produce and sell certified organic Raw Milk, poultry (Chicken and Heritage Turkey),Beef, Garlic, vegetables, Flowers, and non-organic (though non-GMO) eggs & Pastured Pork, Pottery, and lumber. The emphasis of our farming enterprise is to function as a self-sufficient 'whole farm organism', applying ecological principles of Holistic Management, Biodynamics, Dowsing, motive (animal) power, and renewable energy to create healthy vibrant food and forest products for our family and our local community.

Contact:, , 802-234-5524

Category: horse, forestry/milling, dairy animals, cheese making, animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, off the grid, soil management,

Boston Cheese Cellar

Location: 18 birch st, Roslindale, ma 02131

Description: Boston cheese cellar is one of the premier full service cheese & fine foods shops in Boston.

Contact:, , 617 325 2500

Category: cheese making

Independent Fermentations Brewing (aka IndieFerm)

Location: 127-1 Camelot Drive Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

Description: Independent Fermentations Brewing (aka IndieFerm) specializes in making craft beers with locally grown ingredients. Many of our beers are inspired by the Belgian farmhouse brewing tradition but we also make other styles. We brew what we like to drink and that covers a lot of territory.

Contact:,, (508) 746-2515

Category: food preservation, beer, wine, cider, cheese making

Thorncrest Farm and Milk House Chocolates

Location: 280 Town Hill Road PO Box 3

Description: A family farm that specializes in chocolates and all sorts of treats. Each class gives you the opportunity to experience an authentic culinary journey in the art of cheese making

Contact:,, 860-307-6644

Category: Dairy Animals, Cheese making

Appleton Creamery

Location: 780 Gurney Town Rd Appleton, ME 04862

Description: A two day workshop that teachs basic home cheese making


Category: Cheese making

Old School Creamery

Location: 24 School St Harrison, ME 04040

Description: A small goat farm that provides lessons in making cold process goat milk soap and mozzarella

Contact:,, 207-653-6546

Category: Soap making, Cheese making

Beer and Wine Hobby

Location: "155 New Boston St Unit T Woburn, MA 01801"

Description: Beer and wine hobby is one of the oldest hobby suppliers in the USA that also offers into to brewmaking , winemaking and making mozzarella

Contact:,, 781-933-8818

Category: Wine/Beer/Cider, Cheese making

New England CheeseMaking Supply Co.

Location: 54B Whately Rd, South Deerfield, MA 01373

Description: “Whey” back in 1978 we began our cheesemaking adventure and have been spreading the love of home cheesemaking far and wide ever since. Over the years we have brought together a wonderful community of home cheesemakers from across the world to join in our delicious adventure.

Contact:,, 413-397-2012

Category: Cheese making

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Location: 369 Stamets Road Milford, NK 08848

Description: Bobolink Dairy is a small, grass-based dairy farm in Milford NJ that offers small class size hands on cheese making tutorials

Contact:,, 908-864-7277

Category: Cheese making

Cherry Grove Farm

Location: 3200 Lawrenceville Rd, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Description: Cherry Grove Farm is family owned and hosts a series of dinners, events, parades and even offers classes in homesteading and cheese making

Contact:, 609-895-1502

Category: Homesteading, Cheese making

Olssons Fine Foods

Location: 53 Palmer Square West Princeston, NJ 08542

Description: Olsson's Fine Foods is the premier destination for artisan cheese, gourmet foods, party platters, cheese classes, cheese of the month club and so much more!

Contact:, 609-924-2210

Category: Cheese making

The Farm Cooking School

Location: 67 Pleasant Valley Rd, Titusville NJ 08560

Description: A space where cooks of all levels can come together to learn about and enjoy great food and real community

Contact:,, 646-263-0605, 516-840-4891

Category: Bread / Pizza, Cooking, Cheese Making, Wine / Beer, Butchering, Homesteading,

Valley Shepherd Creamery

Location: 50 Fairmount Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853

Description: Our master cheesemaker will teach you the art of creating cheese by hand in our small classes.

Contact:,, 908-876-3200

Category: Cheese making


Location: 254 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014

Description: The main thing that makes Murray’s special is our passion for cheese – and we love to share it with our friends and customers. Please stop by for a sample next time you’re in the neighborhood!

Contact:,, 212-243-3289

Category: Cheese making, Beer / Wine / Cider

Second Act Artisan Cheese

Location: 2115 Weybridge Dr. Raleigh, NC 27615

Description: Small cheese making classes with a fun, informative and engaging environment

Contact:, 585-721-4604

Category: Cheese making

Woodcrest Farm School

Location: 5604 Dairyland Rd Hillsborough, NC 27278

Description: A family farm that finds great joy in sharing the heritage of the land, breeds and skills unique to the Orange Grove area

Contact:,, 919-933-5105

Category: Cheese making, Blacksmithing, Crochet / Knitting, Quilting, Dairy Animals, Homesteading

Flint Hill Farm

Location: 1922 Flint Hill Road Coopersburg, PA 18036

Description: A 26 acre preserved farm in Lehigh County using the recognition of agro-tourism in an effort to bridge the gap between the urban, suburban and farming community

Contact:,, 610-2928

Category: Cheese making, Bread / Pizza, Horse

Mt. Mansfield Creamery

Location: 120 Pleasant St. Morrisville, VT

Description: A creamery that uses Holstein and Brown Swiss cows to produce a number of raw milk cheeses using recipes with European origins

Contact:,, 802-888-7686

Category: Cheese making

Three Shepherds Cheese

Location: 108 Roxbury Mountain Road Warren, VT 05674

Description: Over the past twenty years, they have taught the art and science of cheesemaking to nearly 4,000 students from around the world.

Contact:, 802-496-3998

Category: Cheese making

Westminster Artisan Cheese Making

Location: 131 West Parish Rd, Westminster West, VT, 05346

Description: Small classes taught by Peter Dixon, a professional cheese maker with over 30 years experience. These classes are geared toward handmade artisan and farmstead cheese production

Contact:,, 802-387-4041

Category: Cheese making

Adirondack Folk School

Location: P. O. Box 2 51 Main Street Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

Description: Adirondack Folk School (AFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, unique for its dedication to teaching the arts, crafts, and cultural heritage of the Adirondack region. Made up of local artisans, crafts people, and volunteers, we offer non-competitive education focusing on the student.

Contact:,, 518-696-2400

Category: blacksmithing, basket making, gardening, carpentry, pottery, cooking, kids, fiber crafts, leather, jewelry, timber framing, soap making, essential oils, food preservation, cheese making, trades, masonry,

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