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Encompass Community For Independent Learning

Location: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Description: The Encompass Community For Independent Learning is located on 65 acres at Friends Academy in Dartmouth, Ma. We are housed under the existing Center For Education Innovation. With its overlap of progressive ideals and philosophical values, our program is a grant-funded partnership that serves as a bridge between the homeschool community and the learning community at large on the South Coast.

Contact:,, (508) 999-1356

Category: gardening, plant ID,

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Eeldrytch Armouree

Location: 1 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 01840

Description: A high end leather working shop specializing in renaissance related leather products that offers classes and workshops in the craft.

Contact:,, 978-258-2667

Category: Leather crafts,

Alden's School of Leather Trades

Location: PO Box 2058 Rogue River, Oregon 97537

Description: A school with small class sizes to give each student the best opportunity to learn and preserve the art of leather crafting

Contact:,, 541-659-1260

Category: Leather crafts,

The Cordwainer Shop

Location: 67 Candia Road (PO Box 110) Deerfield, NH 03037

Description: The Cordwainer shop carries on the tradition of creating custom handmade leather footwear. and continues to teach the community through shoemaking workshops.

Contact:,, 603-261-7742

Category: Leather crafts

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