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Tekoa Mountain Outdoors

Location: 27 Sugar Hill, Rd. Williamsburg, MA 01096

Description: We're a family run business. We are committed to providing fun, safe, professional, educational outdoor programs. We're a bunch of certified instructors, professional boaters, creekers, backpackers, climbers, adventure & environmental educators, mountaineering geeks, scouters, Passionate outdoor enthusiasts and just plain good folks.

Contact:,, 413-296-4249

Category: Backpacking, Camping, Survival, Off the grid

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Modern Self-Reliance

Location: Burlington, MA

Description: We teach homesteading and preparedness skills through online tutorials.


Category: Food preservation, soap making, cheese making, survival,gardening

Owl Ridge Homestead - Homesteader's club of CT

Location: 06010

Description: The Homesteading Club brings together a community of like-minded people who are living, or aspire to live, a more self sufficient lifestyle. The club fosters a support system where ideas, projects and experience can be shared in casual conversation. The club is a steady growing group of Homesteader's that have a wide range of skills and experience that we share with each other. We run workshops, talks, and organize tours of farms, homesteads, breweries, and wild edible forages. We have lots of plans for the upcoming fall and winter!

Contact:, 860-508-0552

Category: beekeeping, animal husbandry, foraging, gardening, wine/beer/cider, fiber arts, off the grid, survival , permaculture, land surveying

The Farm School

Location: 488 Moore Hill Road, Athol, MA, 01331

Description: A highly immersive and exclusive class to learn agricultural techniques for aspiring farmers, educators and community leaders


Category: forestry, animal husbandry, carpentry, homesteading, cooking, organic, sustainable agriculture

Beginning Farmers

Location: NA

Description: An online reference for all types of farming


Category: Homesteading, Urban Farming, animal husbandry, sustainable Agriculture

Stockbridge School of Agricutlure. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Location: 208 Paige Laboratory, 161 Holdsworth Way, Amherst, MA, 01003

Description: Online certificate program for the small farming demographic

Contact:,, 413-545-2222

Category: farming, Homesteading, Pest Control, Organic, Gardening Beekeeping, Animal husbandry, Poultry, soil management

Organic Growers School

Location: PO Box 17804 Asheville, NC 28816

Description: A series of in person workshops and a collection of online tips geared towards inspiring farmers.

Contact:,, 828-214-7833

Category: Homesteading, Organic, Gardening , Farming,

Koviashuvik Local Living School

Location: 71 lake Drive, Temple, Maine

Description: Founded in 2008, Koviashuvik is a working homestead and school of simple living. We offer the Family Sustainability Stay, programs for schools, The Simple Life Internship, and weekend craft classes. Through these venues we teach skills that inspire a lifeway of connection, resilience, and gratitude. Woodwork, wild gathering, tool sharpening, homestead agriculture, food preservation, basketry, fire from friction, leatherwork, acorn processing, rocket stove construction, cooking over fire, humanure composting…. These skills, from all different traditions and times, empower us to choose a positive relationship with mother earth.

Contact:,, 207-778-0318

Category: Carpentry,foraging, homesteading, sustainable agriculture, gardening, food preservation, basketry, basket making, camping, leather,homebuilding, cooking , composting

Ten Apple Farm - Living with Goats

Location: 241 Yarmouth Road Gray, Maine 04039

Description: We try to do several workshops in basic homesteading skills each season, to share what we have learned, or are in the process of learning. Workshops include Basic Home Cheesemaking, Baking, Poultry Slaughter & Processing, and Preserving & Canning. In some cases, we lead the workshops ourselves, in other cases we may invite fellow homesteaders or skilled members of the greater food, farming and homesteading community to be a guest workshop leader.

Contact:, , 207.657.7880

Category: homesteading, Cheese making,cooking, Poultry, butchering, food Preservation, farming , animal husbandry, permaculture


Location: 399 Broadway, Providence Rhode Island 02909

Description: cluck! is a small, woman-owned business founded in 2013 to serve urban agriculturalists and gardeners in and around Providence, Rhode Island. cluck!'s goods and services focus on small-scale food production, backyard small animal husbandry (especially chickens and bees) and homesteading-based self-reliance. We have the tools, supplies, ideas and education you need to grow, raise and preserve your own food while helping to keep your community healthy and beautiful. We've also got unusual, thoughtful gifts for all ages. We run year-round classes, workshops, readings, and family-friendly programs and maintain a teaching garden of edibles and habitat-supporting native plants. We also keep bees and raise chickens.

Contact:,, (401) 274 1160

Category: poultry, gardening, urban farming

Glass Rooster Cannery

Location: 1673 South State Route 605 Sunbury, Ohio 43074

Description: Join us in the Cannery kitchen to learn modern homesteading practices, including home preserving, soap making, cooking with herbs, artisan bread making and more! Bring your friends for a private cooking class or team building event. Wander through our restored barns full of Ohio-made art and antiques. Walk around the gardens while learning about sustainable agriculture practices or relax by the glass bottle mosaic wall and enjoy the pond and permaculture. Conveniently located twenty minutes north of Columbus.

Contact:,, 614-499-2958

Category: homesteading, food preservation, bread/pizza, cooking, sustainable agriculture, permaculture,soap making

Self Reliant School


Description: An online blog for homesteading.

Contact:, Contact though the blog,

Category: Bread/Pizza, Gardening, Wine, Beer, Cider, Cooking, Soil Management, Food Preservation, Homesteading,

Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

Location: PO Box 77 Ashland, ME 04732

Description: Our immersion programs integrate expedition leadership, bushcraft, primitive living skills, field ecology (edible and medicinal plants, mammals and their tracks, weather, the night sky, etc.), expedition canoeing and snowshoeing, natural crafting, off-grid homesteading, fly fishing, building your own gear (canoe paddles, pack baskets, bows, crooked knives, etc.) and living a simple, outdoor life.

Contact:,, 207-518-8804

Category: plant ID, off the grid, fishing, homesteading, survival, camping,

Cherry Grove Farm

Location: 3200 Lawrenceville Rd, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Description: Cherry Grove Farm is family owned and hosts a series of dinners, events, parades and even offers classes in homesteading and cheese making

Contact:, 609-895-1502

Category: Homesteading, Cheese making

The Farm Cooking School

Location: 67 Pleasant Valley Rd, Titusville NJ 08560

Description: A space where cooks of all levels can come together to learn about and enjoy great food and real community

Contact:,, 646-263-0605, 516-840-4891

Category: Bread / Pizza, Cooking, Cheese Making, Wine / Beer, Butchering, Homesteading,

Woodcrest Farm School

Location: 5604 Dairyland Rd Hillsborough, NC 27278

Description: A family farm that finds great joy in sharing the heritage of the land, breeds and skills unique to the Orange Grove area

Contact:,, 919-933-5105

Category: Cheese making, Blacksmithing, Crochet / Knitting, Quilting, Dairy Animals, Homesteading

Magoo Farmstead

Location: Stoughton, MA

Description: Thanks for visiting! We're Karl and Jen, a city man turned hiker and a country woman fast becoming a chicken fanatic. Join us on our backyard farm, as we share our love and learning about: organic gardening, DIY homesteading, crafts, recipes, beekeeping, vermiculture, and, of course, CHICKENS!

Contact:,, 781-436-0043

Category: beekeeping, composting, poultry,

Stonewall Farm

Location: 242 Chesterfield Rd Keene, NH 03431

Description: Stonewall Farm offers a variety of educational programs for people of all ages. From farmer workshops and homesteading classes to summer camps to environmental education programs, we have just the perfect opportunity waiting for you.

Contact:,, 603-357-7278

Category: kids, poultry, basket making, bee keeping, mushrooms,

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