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Hampden County Beekeepers Association

Location: PO BOX 362 East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Description: Our objective is for the advancement of apiculture and the mutual help of it's members. Our general activities include: Monthly Meetings: to discuss general bee talk or we invite a guest speaker. Bee School: Jan. through April our members teach students who are thinking about becoming future beekeepers. Agriculture Fair: During Sept. our club maintains a booth at the Big E Agriculture Fair in West Springfield, MA. By doing so we hope to educate and inform the public about bees and beekeeping. Besides displaying and selling our honey products we pass out informative flyers and discuss the life and functions of bees with our live observation hive!

Contact:, , 413-883-9399

Category: Beekeeping

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Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture

Location: 608 Dry Creek Rd. · Waco, TX 76705

Description: Our goal is to transmit a vision for a cohesive, integrated agrarian way of life, but one that aims toward bringing forth complete individuals and whole families in a supportive and tangible context, a context respectful of the natural environment. We are dedicated to recapturing and perpetuating a sense of intentional community which includes rediscovering and perpetuating the knowledge and skills that can provide for essential human needs (both socially and spiritually as well as materially) on a sustainable basis.

Contact: http://www.SustainLife.Org,, (254) 754-9600

Category: Gardening, Beekeeping, Poultry, Dairy Cows, Dairy Goats, Horse, Organic, Gardening, Orchards, Bread/Pizza, Cheese making, Soap making, Basket making, Fiber arts, carpentry, Blacksmithing, Pottery, Quilting

Wild Abundance

Location: P.O. Box 1991 Asheville, NC 28802

Description: Wild Abundance is here to empower people with skills for self-sufficiency and interdependence. We develop deeply meaningful and effective classes, programs, and demonstration sites to bring people closer to the each other and to the web of life. We believe that these skills are humanity's legacy; we strive to make them accessible to all people with a hunger to learn through sliding scales and scholarships.

Contact:,, (828) 775-7052

Category: Permaculture, Gardening, Foraging, Carpentry, Homebuilding, Butchering,Tanning, Food preservation, Cooking

Nifty Homestead

Location: 900 1st Ave South, Suite 205A Seattle, WA 98134

Description: Nifty Homestead was founded to help aspiring and expert homesteaders learn and grow. We post resources on gardening, raising animals, natural building, sustainable energy, and tons of other topics related to homestead living.

Contact:, ,

Category: Milling , Carpentry, gardening, Urban Farming, Off the Grid, Plant ID, Aquaponics, Poultry, Beekeeping, Goats, Permaculture, Soapmaking, Quilting, Knit, Fiber arts, Weaving

Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts

Location: Johnson Hill Road Washington, MA 01223

Description: We established Heartwood in 1978 to teach the skills and knowledge it takes to build an energy-efficient house. Since that time, we have expanded our programs to include all aspects of the homebuilding crafts, particularly timber framing.

Contact:,, 413 623-6677

Category: homebuilding, carpentry, timber frame,

The Farm School

Location: 488 Moore Hill Road, Athol, MA, 01331

Description: A highly immersive and exclusive class to learn agricultural techniques for aspiring farmers, educators and community leaders


Category: forestry, animal husbandry, carpentry, homesteading, cooking, organic, sustainable agriculture

The Organic Farm School

Location: PO Box 837 Freeland, WA 98249

Description: An experiential training program designed for aspiring farms to learn and practice the skills they need to run a small-scale organic farm.


Category: Gardening, Pest Control, Carpentry, Animal husbandry, Beekeeping, soil management

Koviashuvik Local Living School

Location: 71 lake Drive, Temple, Maine

Description: Founded in 2008, Koviashuvik is a working homestead and school of simple living. We offer the Family Sustainability Stay, programs for schools, The Simple Life Internship, and weekend craft classes. Through these venues we teach skills that inspire a lifeway of connection, resilience, and gratitude. Woodwork, wild gathering, tool sharpening, homestead agriculture, food preservation, basketry, fire from friction, leatherwork, acorn processing, rocket stove construction, cooking over fire, humanure composting…. These skills, from all different traditions and times, empower us to choose a positive relationship with mother earth.

Contact:,, 207-778-0318

Category: Carpentry,foraging, homesteading, sustainable agriculture, gardening, food preservation, basketry, basket making, camping, leather,homebuilding, cooking , composting

Vermont Tiny Homes

Location: Various Locations: VT

Description: Peter King is an experienced Vermont carpenter, an inspiring teacher, and a tiny house enthusiast. He has been building Tiny Houses in Vermont for years. He conducts weekend workshops in Northern Vermont. Join the new socioeconomic housing movement that reduces the world's carbon footprint by building small and living large.

Contact:,, 802-933-6103

Category: homebuilding, gardening, carpentry, forestry, farming, permaculture, milling,electric, plumbing,plant ID

Hancock Shaker Village

Location: 34 Lebanon Mountain Rd., Hancock, MA 01237

Description: Go back in time, forward in thought. Living history museum in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Contact:,, 413-443-0188

Category: fiber arts, spinning, weaving, carpentry,


Location: 7865 Main Street, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Description: In hands-on classes that explore and engage, we teach the arts of design and building as an integrated process, and provide instruction in fundamental skills. We offer nearly 100 classes in sustainable building and design, construction, natural building, architectural craft, woodworking, working landscapes and ecosystems, energy efficiency, and building science.

Contact:,, 888.496.5541

Category: homebuilding, carpentry, timber framing, permaculture, off the grid, leather, cabinetry, electric, plumbing, basket making,forestry, milling, sustainable agriculture, metal work,composting,

Artist's Asylum

Location: 10 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA, 02143

Description: Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication.

Contact:,, (617) 284-6878

Category: carpentry, fiber arts, crochet, jewelry,metal work, welding,

Soule Homestead

Location: 46 Soule Street Middleborough, Massachusetts 02346

Description: The mission of the Soule Homestead Education Center is to support and maintain a community-based nonprofit education center for the benefit of area schools and the general public while preserving and enhancing the historic Soule Homestead. Hands on learning opportunities include environmental programs, organic farming activities, traditional crafts, and cultural events.

Contact:,, 508-947-6744

Category: ecology, organic farming, gardening skills, fiber arts, spinning, weaving, quilting, food preservation, carpentry, basketry, sustainable agriculture

North Bennet St. School

Location: 150 North Street, Boston, MA 02109

Description: North Bennet Street School's mission is to train students for careers in traditional trades that use hand skills in concert with evolving technology, to preserve and advance craft traditions, and to promote greater appreciation of craftsmanship.

Contact:, , 617-227-0155

Category: carpentry, jewelry, cabinetry

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

Location: 25 Mill Street Rockport, Maine 04856

Description: Our woodworking school offers courses in furniture making and related skills such as carving, turning, marquetry and finishing.

Contact:,, 207-594-5611

Category: carpentry, cabinetry,

Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts

Location: 24 Eliot Street Jamaica Plain MA 02130

Description: The Eliot School inspires lifelong learning in craftsmanship and creativity for all. We offer classes and workshops in woodworking, sewing and fiber arts, painting, drawing, photography and other crafts.

Contact:,, 617.524.3313

Category: carpentry, cabinetry, knitting, crochet, fiber arts, quilting, weaving, basket making,

Black Warrior Wood Turning School

Location: 4509 Woodland Hills Drive Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

Description: Classes for turning scheduled each month by appointment only providing a basic repertoire for all turning skill levels.

Contact:, 205-553-6977

Category: Carpentry

Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery

Location: 1012 NW Grand Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012

Description: The Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery was founded in 1975, and is the longest running guitar making school in North America. Students have traveled from every continent except Antarctica to attend. Over 2000 graduates of the school have branched into employment and entrepreneurial startups in guitar making, guitar repair, road tech work, and many other lutherie related occupations.

Contact:,, 602-243-1179

Category: Carpentry

Southwest Center for Craftsmanship School of Fine Woodworking

Location: 4011 South 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85040

Description: The Southwest School of Woodworking is a for-profit educational organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to promote the craft of woodworking and to instill the concept of craftsmanship in all of our students.

Contact:,, 480-734-0274

Category: Carpentry

American School of French Marquetry

Location: 3815 Utah Street San Diego, CA 92104

Description: Learn from W. Patrick Edwards, a professional woodworker with over 45 years experience. In 2000, he founded the American School of French Marquetry to share what he learned in Paris at the Ecole Boulle in Paris with my fellow American woodworkers

Contact:,, 619-298-0864

Category: Carpentry, Cabinetry

American School of Lutherie

Location: 449 Allan Court Healdsburg, CA 95448

Description: Husband and wife Charles Fox and Denise Richards are business and creative partners in both ASL and Charles Fox Guitars. In 2001, having closed a busy guitar production workshop and a much larger version of the American School of Lutherie, Charles and Denise moved from Healdsburg, CA to Portland, OR, downsizing their demanding life and workload. Today Charles builds guitars independently and teaches small classes in his Portland workshop, imagining that he's retired, at least twelve hours a day.

Contact:,, 707-431-9530

Category: Carpentry

College of the Redwoods

Location: 440 Alger Street Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Description: A nine-month program in fine cabinet and furniture making with Laura Mays, Jim Budlong, Greg Smith, Ejler Hjorth-Westh and Todd Sorenson. In addition, workshops lasting a few days or weeks are offered in the summer. All courses are designed for the aspiring cabinetmaker who hopes to combine sensitivity with personal expression, patiently striving toward a goal best described as fine craftsmanship.

Contact:,, 707-964-7056

Category: Carpentry, Cabinetry

Community Woodshop

Location: 3617 San Fernando Rd Glendale, CA 91204

Description: Community Woodshop is a shared woodshop offering Memberships and Classes like a fitness club. As a member it is expected of you to be able to work safetly and independently. If you need some help consider one of the many private lessons they offer.

Contact:,, 626-755-4202

Category: Carpentry, Cabinetry

Cerritos College

Location: 111150 E. Alondra Blvd Norwalk, CA 90650

Description: The goal of Cerritos College Department of Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies is to provide students with a high quality woodworking education program that leads to job opportunities in the wood industry. Strong vocational programs are offered in cabinetmaking, CNC woodworking, and furniture making. Certificates and degrees are available in Cabinetmaking, Furniture Making, and Comprehensive Woodworking. A CNC certificate is also available.

Contact:,, 562-860-2451

Category: Carpentry, Cabinetry

"Daiku Dojo (Japanese hand tools and joinery Laney College Wood Technology Department)"

Location: 900 Fallon Street Oakland, CA 94607

Description: Daiku Dojo is a community organization designed to help provide the education and skills necessary for the use of hand tools in woodworking. The organization also encourages personal involvement with community projects. By joining together we can work on interesting projects that most of us would not have the opportunity or resources to attempt alone, and at the same time, benefit local groups and organizations.

Contact:,, (510) 635-7182

Category: Carpentry, Home building

Adirondack Folk School

Location: P. O. Box 2 51 Main Street Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

Description: Adirondack Folk School (AFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, unique for its dedication to teaching the arts, crafts, and cultural heritage of the Adirondack region. Made up of local artisans, crafts people, and volunteers, we offer non-competitive education focusing on the student.

Contact:,, 518-696-2400

Category: blacksmithing, basket making, gardening, carpentry, pottery, cooking, kids, fiber crafts, leather, jewelry, timber framing, soap making, essential oils, food preservation, cheese making, trades, masonry,

Brookfield Craft Center

Location: 286 Whisconier Road (Route 25) Brookfield, CT 06804-0122

Description: Brookfield Craft Center is recognized as one of the finest professional schools for creative study in America, dedicated to teaching traditional and contemporary craft skills, and fostering the appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Students can explore blacksmithing, bladesmithing, ceramics, fused glass, flameworking, jewelrymaking, woodturning, weaving and fiber arts. Other areas of special interest include business, marketing and photography for artists; decorative arts; drawing and painting.

Contact:,, 203-775-4526

Category: pottery, fiber arts, glass work, jewelry, carpentry, blacksmithing,

Mystic Seaport

Location: 75 Greenmanville Avenue PO Box 6000 Mystic, CT 06355

Description: Many people know Mystic Seaport as one of Connecticut’s most popular tourist destinations, full of one-of-a-kind sights, activities, and attractions. But not as many know that Mystic Seaport also offers just as many unique educational opportunities, for everyone from children and teenagers to grad students and grandmothers. Get a degree. Take a field trip. Build a boat. Learn to sail. The IQ-enhancing choices are endless. Best of all, they’re fun.

Contact:,, 860.572.0711

Category: blacksmithing, cooking, carpentry, Modern Celestial Navigation

South County Museum

Location: 115 Strathmore St, Narragansett, RI 02882

Description: Come to the South County Museum, where Rhode Island’s coastal legacy has been celebrated since 1933. Here you can explore a rich heritage of rural and coastal life. Our beautiful seven-acre campus is in a 174-acre town park that was the 19th-century estate of Rhode Island’s Civil War-era governor and postwar senator, William Sprague. Explore history in the one-room schoolhouse, carriage barn and carpentry shop. Watch artisans at work in the blacksmith shop and print shop. Wander through the Canonchet Estate stable ruins, visit the Rhode Island Red heritage flock and our other farm animals. Our grounds feature heirloom flower and herb gardens, and they are bounded by woods, meadows, and salt marshes accessible on marked walking trails.


Category: blacksmithing

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