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Fox Maple School of Traditional Building

Location: 65 Corn Hill Road, P.O. Box 249 Brownfield, Maine 04010

Description: Fox Maple was founded in 1975, at a time when the timber framing revival was just beginning to take root. Our motivation to begin building new timber frames grew from our desire to fully understand the nature of this ancient building system. In 1983 Fox Maple expanded its reach beyond the building of timber frames strictly for discerning clients, to include education through Fox Maple School, and the dissemination of information through Fox Maple Press. To this day these three distinct aspects of Fox Maple remain linked through their dedication to the high goals set back in 1975. This may best be conveyed in what has become known to our many students over the years as our mantra, "perfection & grace puts a smile on your face", and to our guiding belief that quality far surpasses quantity.—Vive Jean Claude!

Contact:, 207-935-3720

Category: Timber framing, homebuilding

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Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife

Location: NA

Description: All first-time hunters who wish to purchase a Massachusetts hunting or sporting (combination) license must successfully complete a Basic Hunter Education course. The Basic Hunter Education course is standardized across North America. A government-issued Basic Hunter Education certificate, from any North American jurisdiction, is accepted to meet this requirement. The MassWildlife Hunter Education Program offers about ninety-five (95) courses each year across the state from January through November and offers different formats to meet the public’s needs. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates will be mailed a Certificate of Completion recognized in all U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico.

Contact:, (508) 389-7820

Category: hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, firearms

New England Bushcraft

Location: NA

Description: The central resource for everything Bushcraft in the Northeast USA. New England Bushcraft Show and Bushcraft Blog sharing information on the regions wilderness skills workshops, primitive living and survival training programs, schools, events and meetings. Members Only Access: Listings of the regions wilderness programs, survival schools and bushcraft and primative skills providers.


Category: survival, backpacking, camping, survival-other

Sterling College

Location: PO Box 72 16 Sterling Drive Craftsbury Common, VT 05827

Description: Founded in 1958 in Craftsbury Common, Vermont, Sterling College is the leading voice in higher education for environmental stewardship. The College was among the first colleges in the United States to focus on the human relationship with the natural world through academic majors in Ecology, Environmental Humanities, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems, and Outdoor Education. Sterling is a baccalaureate degree-granting, non-sectarian, coeducational, residential institution of higher learning accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is one of only eight federally recognized Work Colleges in the nation.

Contact:, 800-648-3591

Category: camping, backpacking, survival, sustainable agriculture,

Koviashuvik Local Living School

Location: 71 lake Drive, Temple, Maine

Description: Founded in 2008, Koviashuvik is a working homestead and school of simple living. We offer the Family Sustainability Stay, programs for schools, The Simple Life Internship, and weekend craft classes. Through these venues we teach skills that inspire a lifeway of connection, resilience, and gratitude. Woodwork, wild gathering, tool sharpening, homestead agriculture, food preservation, basketry, fire from friction, leatherwork, acorn processing, rocket stove construction, cooking over fire, humanure composting…. These skills, from all different traditions and times, empower us to choose a positive relationship with mother earth.

Contact:,, 207-778-0318

Category: Carpentry,foraging, homesteading, sustainable agriculture, gardening, food preservation, basketry, basket making, camping, leather,homebuilding, cooking , composting

Prepper Camp

Location: 460 Orchard Lake Rd, Saluda, NC 28773

Description: An annual event where vendors and attendees alike can learn preparedness skills.


Category: Aquaponics, Beekeeping, Hunting, Survival, Cooking, Blacksmithing, Beer, Wine, Cheese making, Food Preservation, Camping, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Fiber Animals, Firearms, Off the grid, Trapping, Foraging, Plant ID

Christopher Nyerges

Location: 4550 Oak Grove Dr, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Description: Regular field trips and workshops to learn about urban and wilderness self-reliance and survival. Learn about WILD FOODS, WILDERNESS SKILLS (such as fire-making, weaponry, shelter-building, etc.), URBAN SKILLS (such as food and water storage, emergency preparedness, alternates to electricity, etc.), and general NATURE AWARENESS and ECOLOGY awareness.

Contact:,, (626) 791-3217

Category: plant ID, survival, foraging, off the grid, biology, Basket making, camping,cooking, trapping, hunting, blacksmithing

Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

Location: PO Box 77 Ashland, ME 04732

Description: Our immersion programs integrate expedition leadership, bushcraft, primitive living skills, field ecology (edible and medicinal plants, mammals and their tracks, weather, the night sky, etc.), expedition canoeing and snowshoeing, natural crafting, off-grid homesteading, fly fishing, building your own gear (canoe paddles, pack baskets, bows, crooked knives, etc.) and living a simple, outdoor life.

Contact:,, 207-518-8804

Category: plant ID, off the grid, fishing, homesteading, survival, camping,

New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center

Location: 673 So. Main St. Wolfeboro, N.H. 03894

Description: The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center (NHOLC) was built for men and women just like you. Classes are designed for all ages and experience levels to give you the best opportunity for success and enjoyment in the woods and on the waters of New England. Each workshop includes comprehensive classroom training and in the field, hands-on experience. Grab your snowshoes, shotgun, or fishing rods and join us for fun and education that will last a lifetime!

Contact:,, 603-608-8673

Category: butchering, firearms, hunting, fishing, trapping,survival, plant ID, dog training, camping, cooking, backpacking

Maine Primitive Skills School

Location: 716 Church Hill Rd, Augusta Maine

Description: The Maine Primitive Skills School is an intentionally small learning facility with a mission to provide quality instructor level courses. These courses teach primitive skills, bushcraft, wilderness survival, self reliance, permaculture design, and outdoor education. These are ancient skills that develop awareness and sufficiency with the focus of individuals, community interactions and the environment.

Contact:,, 207-623-7298

Category: Foraging, Plant ID, Camping, Survival, Backpacking, Off the Grid, Home building

New England Woods

Location: Cumberland, Rhode Island 02863

Description: New England Woods LLC, Survival School and Guide Service, based in Rhode Island, serves the local and wider outdoor community by offering regularly scheduled workshops, courses and classes related to modern survival and traditional bushcraft skills, as well as guided trips throughout the New England region.


Category: camping, plant ID, survival,

Outdoor ESCAPES New Hampshire, LLC

Location: P.O. Box 104, Freedom, NH 03836

Description: Offering year-round guided outdoor adventures & lessons, sightseeing tours, adventure programming, and indoor educational programs, our mission is to immerse participants in New Hampshire's nature and heritage as they develop memories and life skills. Through these experiences, participants may learn one or more of the following: basic and advanced recreational sports, backcountry and survival skills, New Hampshire nature/culture/history, fundamentals of leadership (and followship), self-awareness and development, team-building, environmental awareness, and ecological relationships.

Contact:, , (603) 528-0136

Category: survival, camping, backpacking, plant ID, foraging,

Vermont Outdoor Guide Association

Location: P.O. Box 10 North Ferrisburg, VT. 05473

Description: Programming for search and rescue, rock and ice climbing, shooting, hunter education, wilderness first aid, EMT training, primitive skills, rope courses, archery, survival, orienteering, canoeing, kayaking, white water, guide training, leadership, paddling skills, snowshoeing, mountain biking, certifications and much more!!

Contact:,, (802) 425-6211

Category: hunting, survival, camping, firearms,


Location: 1117 E. Putnam Ave. #330 Riverside, CT 06878

Description: A fantastic experience for both the complete novice and the well seasoned! “See things for what they can be… not just for what they are.” Our school is designed for you to LEARN survival techniques, NOT ENDURE survival hardships.

Contact:,, 203-496-1102

Category: survival, camping, plant ID

Mountain Scout Survival School

Location: Hopewell Junction, NY

Description: In the woods...Wilderness 1, offered in Hopewell Junction, NY introduces the seven arrows of primitive skill; shelter, water, fire, food, tracking, awareness & movement. In the city...Urban Preparedness offered near Central Park in NYC will open your eyes to becoming prepared regardless of your environment.

Contact:,, 845-629-4866

Category: survival, camping, hunting, plant ID, foraging,

LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

Location: USA

Description: Expert guides. Amazing scenery. Hundreds of new outdoor activities to learn. Plus, customized trips, all-inclusive adventures, kids' camps and more. Starting at only $25

Contact:, 800-441-5713

Category: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Off the Grid, Firearms, Backpacking

Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School

Location: 529 Route 9, Unit #10 Waretown, NJ 08758

Description: The Tracker School was founded in 1978 by Tom Brown Jr, Americas most renowned Tracker, and Wilderness Survival expert. Based on the teachings of Stalking Wolf, the Apache elder from whom Tom learned his skills when he was just seven years old, he began teaching. The school has expanded to include over 75 classes, divided into eight course tracks.

Contact:,, 609-242-0350

Category: Survival, Homebuilding, Hunting, Trapping, Camping, Off the Grid, Fishing, Foraging, Basket Making,

Wilderness Survival Skills

Location: Online

Description: Do you want to learn wilderness survival skills? Then this website is for you.


Category: Survival, Backpacking, Camping

Vermont Wilderness School

Location: Croker Hall, 60 Austine Dr, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Description: Vermont Wilderness School is a community non-profit organization that offers powerful nature-based mentoring programs for children and adults.

Contact:,, 802-257-8570

Category: Hunting, Camping, Backpacking,

Tekoa Mountain Outdoors

Location: 27 Sugar Hill, Rd. Williamsburg, MA 01096

Description: We're a family run business. We are committed to providing fun, safe, professional, educational outdoor programs. We're a bunch of certified instructors, professional boaters, creekers, backpackers, climbers, adventure & environmental educators, mountaineering geeks, scouters, Passionate outdoor enthusiasts and just plain good folks.

Contact:,, 413-296-4249

Category: Backpacking, Camping, Survival, Off the grid


Location: 284 Lincoln st. Lander, WY 82520

Description: NOLS is a nonprofit school that seeks to help you step forward boldly as a leader.

Contact:, 1-800-710-6657

Category: Backpacking, Camping, Survival, Off the grid, First Aid

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